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This book outlines 8 ways the ordinary realities of life point us towards the extraordinary reality of Jesus Christ. Watch the official promo video for “What Kind of God Do I Serve?”

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What Others Are Saying

“A masterful job and immensely practical.”
– Keith Drury (PhD. Professor and author of Holiness for Ordinary People)

“Thoughtful, relevant, and engaging.”
– Tim Keep (Bible Methodist Missions Director)

“Useful, practical, and desperately needed.”
– Kristina Clemens (Author of After Nathaniel)

“Clear, biblical, and very useful!”
– Melvin Adams (President of Renewanation)

“Practical and thought-provoking.”
– Mark Cravens (Pastor and College Professor)

“An excellent and easy to use tool.”
– Troy Keaton (Pastor of Eastlake Community Church)

“A wonderful resource for the church.”
– Michael Avery (President of God’s Bible School & College)

“A compelling call to be wholeheartedly God’s.”
– Samuel McConkey (United Methodist Pastor)

“An effective tool for discipling Christians new to the faith.”
– Mark Bird (PhD. professor and author of Defending Your Faith)