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Are you struggling to see what God is doing in your life during the midst of a difficult season? You are not alone. In this book, Ezra draws our attention to the Old Testament patriarch Jacob and reminds us that in our darkest nights God is doing his greatest work!

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Ezra has written transparently and truthfully to remind us that life is hard, but grace is greater. If you are limping along in the pressing pain of discouragement and doubt, this book invites you to walk with Ezra on a journey common to all and to embrace the profound truths of God’s presence and provision gleaned from the life of Jacob. Most of all, you will be compelled to press in to a deeper experience with Jesus who has gone before you, walks beside you, and triumphantly lives within you.

– Daniel Henderson, Founder & President of Strategic Renewal International and author of Transforming Prayer

“I’ve always loved the book of Genesis, where faith in the eternal, unchanging God of Abraham proves—paradoxically—to be more human than heroic. This is surely why I appreciate Ezra Byer’s exploration of the life of Jacob, whose story provides a window for examining his own seasons of doubt and depression. Mercifully, Ezra strips us of the illusion that faith will always be the swift, steady, sure climb. He reminds that we might cling to God—and still feel his absence. This is a book for the trenches—a book for building gritty, honest, ultimately resilient faith.”

– Jen Pollock Michel, Author of Surprised by Paradox and Keeping Place

“Walking with a Limp will point you to the sure sources of hope for the hopeless: The God of all hope and His word of hope. In it you’ll find practical help and encouragement to stay the course. You, like Jacob, can be a prince with God, an overcomer whose limp testifies to tenacious clinging to God.”

– Dr. Philip Brown, Author of A Reader’s Hebrew Bible

“I have found Ezra to be a man of humility who is passionate about advancing the Kingdom by making disciples who make disciples. In this book Ezra shares with us – both from the life of Jacob and his own – how to go from ‘walking with a limp’ to ‘trading bitterness for joy.’ You will be blessed as you take this journey with Jacob (and with Ezra too)!”

– Dr. David Nelms, President of The Timothy Initiative

“Some of the most empathetic people I know are those who have walked through character-building seasons in which they had to depend on God. Walking through a prolonged time of brokenness is difficult no matter who you are, but when you travel that road as a person of faith, it brings a level of depth that is unparalleled. Ezra discusses how his journey led him to a place of surrender and gives insight into how others can find purpose in their pain.”

– Jamie Taylor, Author of Finding Brave

“When we suffer, we don’t need glib answers or easy truths. We need to hear from someone who knows what it’s like, can remind us of biblical truth, and point us to hope. That’s why I’m grateful that Ezra has written this honest, profound, and encouraging book. I can’t wait to read it again and to share it with others.”

– Darryl Dash, Author of How to Grow

“God’s ways and God’s work are often mysterious and sometimes painful. Instead of sanctification being a step-by-step process, it is a pilgrimage. This journey includes pleasure for sure, but also contains times of wrestling and brokenness. However, it is often in the harrowing darkness that God does His best work. This insightful handling of the story of Jacob will bring both perspectives and hope to the pilgrim who knows desperation.”

– Keith Waggoner, Pastor of Grace Bible Church

“In recent years, believers in Christ have become more transparent about the struggles we face with depression and mental illness. In this timely book, Ezra Byer contributes to this encouraging trend by inviting readers to re-read the ancient narrative of the Patriarch Jacob and encounter anew the God who heals and also sets apart his people for worship and service.”

– Dr. Edward Smither, Author of Mission in the Early Church and Christian Martyrdom

“Walking with a Limp shines a hopeful light on the dark side of the Christian journey. Ezra masterfully links Biblical insight with personal experience and leads us through the valley of suffering, setbacks and the dark night of the soul. But he does not leave us there! He shows us how to come out on the other side with hope, joy and gratitude — thanking God for the trip and the ‘limp.’”

– Dr. Michael Avery, President Emeritus of God’s Bible School and College