TMCP 21: How Gardening Can Reshape Our View of Sharing the Gospel [Justin Jones]

Gardening…yes gardening can teach us a lot about how to share our faith with others. How? Check out this episode to find out more!

TMCP 6: Living Your Faith in a Secular University [Jesse Fontaine]

Have you ever wondered who holds the Genus world record for the longer air hockey game of all time? Well, meet this person on today’s podcast! Jesse is passionate about serving God and living out his faith in a secular university environment. If you are in a college or university and you are struggling to live out your Christian faith, this is for you.

TMCP 5: How Do I Help Victims of Human Trafficking? [Emily Jones]

Human sex trafficking is a major issue in North America today. Sometimes the whole topic can feel overwhelming and as Monday Christians we are not sure what we can do to practically help those who have been victims of this. Emily Jones offers some great answers.

TMCP 4: It’s All About Obedience [Tim & Becky Keep]

Obeying God in every situation can sometimes be difficult. It is especially hard when this decision is surrounded by a cloud of uncertainty. Listen as missionaries Tim and Becky Keep share some of their life lessons in obedience to God from over a decade of missions work in the Philippines.

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