Dr. Josh Mulvihill earned his PhD from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Family Ministry with a focus on the biblical role of grandparents.  For 20 years, he served as the Pastor to Children and Families at Grace Church of Eden Prairie in Minnesota. More recently, he has been serving as Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry for Renewanation, a ministry whose mission is to provide every child in America with a Biblical Worldview. Josh is the author of several books including Biblical Grandparenting (Bethany House), Preparing Children for Marriage, and Rooted Kids Curriculum and Worship. Josh and his wife Jen live in Victoria, Minnesota and have five children. Josh blogs at GospelShapedFamily.com.

Episode Talking Points:

A breakfast to remember
The importance of parenting intentionally in this cultural moment
The art between freedom/limiting in parenting
Teaching children to interact with culture from a position of strength
Single parents and broken homes



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